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Maybe it is a wedding trip to NYC, NY. Perhaps it is a baptism. It could be a first communion! Whatever the occasion, religious gifts are often the most appropriate gift for a celebratory event. Check out for a wide variety of religious items.

Marriage is one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church; therefore, a Catholic wedding is cause for great celebration! The wedding usually calls for the participation of the extended family of both the bride and the groom and is associated with a rain of wedding gifts upon the lucky couple. Some traditional religious wedding gifts include Catholic family bibles and rosaries for newlyweds.

If the marriage is successful and the couple is blessed, the next time you might be buying religious gifts is for a baptism. Baptism is the remission of original sin, and opens the door to receive the next sacraments as the child goes through life. It is the first sacrament the child receives through the church, marking it is a grand occasion for the entire extended family. Whether you are a member of the family or a beloved friend, know that baptism gifts are treasured keepsakes the child will keep throughout its life.

First Communion is a major rite of passage. Another one of the seven sacraments, it typically happens around the age of seven. At age 7, a child is thought to be capable of reason and thus able to appreciate the miracle of the Eucharist. If you are not sure what kinds of religious gifts are appropriate for a first communion, you cannot go wrong with a First Communion Gift set. Check out our prepackaged gift sets at, especially if you are from NYC, NY.

With so many different gifts and occasions to choose from, has done the work for you and categorized gifts by occasion and recipient. Learn more by visiting our site today!

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